KEA Leaders

Officers and Board of Directors

Picture right to left: Jill Jensen (President), Melinda Duford (Vice President), Tanya Kitts (Treasurer)

The KEA Executive Board is comprised of KEA members representing all school levels. Board members help to guide the strategic direction of the organization by ensuring that our union is working on teaching and learning topics that are most important to educators and students in Kenosha.

Educators who serve in the leadership positions of the KEA are elected by the general membership. All KEA Board members work full-time in schools. They perform all duties after school, on a voluntary basis. They meet the second Thursday of every month during the school year.

Jill Jensen, President

Pleasant Prairie Elementary

Melinda Duford, Vice-President

Jeffery Elementary

Tanya Kitts, Treasurer

Indian Trail High School and Academy

Colleen Robson, Elementary Representative

EBSOLA Elementary

Mary Towers, Middle School Representative

Mahone Middle School

Steve Wright, High School Representative

Indian Trail High School and Academy

Jeanne Hoffman, ESP Representative

Brass Elementary School

Samantha White, Middle School Representative

Lance Middle School

Sean McKim, High School Representative

Tremper High School