Black River Falls teacher Brad Markhardt helps launch ‘agtivity’ area for students

Brad Markhardt

Brad Markhardt

WEAC member Brad Markhardt, the Black River Falls High School agriculture teacher and FFA advisor, is getting some kudos from the local media for working with his students to create a unique “agtivity” area to foster agriculture education. The space, according to the Jackson County Chronicle, is an extension of the classroom and used for horticulture, conservation and animal science projects while also incorporating Native American culture.

“The actual creating of the area has been a good learning experience for the students,” Markhardt said. “And then after it’s finally created, then the classes coming down the line will benefit from it as well. We’re using it as a teaching experience in just creating the space, but it also will become a learning experience in and of itself as time keeps moving forward.”

A unique aspect of the project – supported by the National FFA Foundation and local and regional businesses – is that it incorporates Ho-Chunk and Native American cultural components.

“It especially got highlighted to me through a conference that I had this summer … It just looked like a way that I could be a little more culturally responsive in what we’re doing out there,” Markhardt said. “That’s part of the idea – recognizing the significance of our native culture in the area.”

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