Trump’s claim that he and Republicans will help blacks and Hispanics is ‘outright insult’ to Wisconsin, Martin says

trump_insult_600pxDonald Trump’s claim that he and Republicans will make life better for blacks and Hispanics in Wisconsin is “an outright insult” to Wisconsinites who are suffering under Republican policies, WEAC President Ron Martin said Thursday.

“I am troubled by the comments from presidential nominee, Donald Trump,” Martin said. “To say that he and Republicans will make it better for Wisconsin black and Hispanic children, families and communities is an outright insult to all of Wisconsin. We have seen firsthand what the Republicans have done, including passing laws to make it harder for ethnic minorities to vote. This is just one example of why communities of color know better and will vote for the candidate and her party that have demonstrated a true commitment to black and Hispanic communities.”

In comments Wednesday in Waukesha, Trump said his agenda will help blacks and Hispanics in high-crime areas. “People in Milwaukee are going to love Donald Trump. We’re going to have safety… we’re going to save thousands of lives,” Trump said. “Vote for me. I will fix it.”.

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