WEAC-RA and NEA-RA Delegates Elected: Your Representatives to the State and National Representative Assemblies

By Mindy Duford, KEA Elections Committee Chair

The KEA Elections Committee would like to thank all those who ran as RA delegate nominees, as well as all of the members who voted in last week’s elections.  We are pleased to announce the following results:

NEA Representative Assembly Delegates:

Anne Knapp

Mindy Duford

Valerie Ludlow

Colleen Robson – alternate

WEAC Representative Assembly Delegates:

Mindy Duford

Jill Jensen

Valerie Ludlow

Colleen Robson

(Write-in candidates are currently listed as alternates and have been contacted)

KEA President Anne Knapp and KEA Board of Director Kim George will also be at the WEAC-RA as At-Large delegates as representatives of the WEAC Board of Directors.

The Elections Committee would like to also thank all of the KEA Association Representatives who helped to distribute ballots, return ballot boxes and assist in tabulating results.