Make Your Vote Count – and Your Voice Heard! Vote Early Over Spring Break!

We are fortunate this year to have the spring election fall immediately after the Spring Break instead of during it, as was the case last year.  The early break means that everyone will have some time to get to their respective City/Village/Town Clerk’s offices to cast an early ballot for the April 5th election rather than face the lines and schedule crunch on election day when school will be back in session.

Take advantage! There are several important races that will be decided this spring – two KUSD school board seats, the Supreme Court justice for the next ten years, and a crucial presidential primary vote – a somewhat rare occurrence for Wisconsin.  Many local races will also be decided.

The following are the endorsed candidates for the April 5th races:

Presidential Primary: NEA has endorsed Hillary Clinton


KUSD School Board race:  KEPAC endorses Rebecca Stevens and Tony Garcia


Wisconsin Supreme Court: WEAC endorses Joanne Kloppenburg


Along with the Central Labor Council, KEPAC endorses:

Mayor: John Antaramian


Kenosha City Council:

District 2: John Fox

District 6: Dave Paff

District 7: Patrick Juliana

District 8: Kurt Wicklund

District 11: Scott Gordon

District 12: Chris Beljaeff


District 3: KEPAC endorses both Jan Michalski and Kyle Flood


Kenosha County Board:


District 3: Scott Page

District 13: John Franco

District 20: Mike Underhill

District 21: Kim Breuning

District 23: Dennis Elvermann


Racine also has a crucial school board election, with all nine seats being voted in this spring.  Each seat has been assigned to a defined geographical area, and the KEA encourages all of its members to vote for the following candidates if you live in their District:

(District 1 is uncontested)

District 2: Dennis Wiser

District 3: Michael Frontier

District 4: Julie McKenna

District 5: Steven Hooper

District 6: John Heckenlively

District 7: Don Nielsen

District 8: Matt Hanser

District 9: Kurt Squires

You can also look for opportunities to volunteer for these campaigns over the next week.  It will be time well spent for your own well-being, that of your students, and the state as a whole.

Remember: The world is run by those who show up!


(This is a Wisconsin State Statute 11.29 communication with KEA members; Federal Statute CFR 100(b)(4))