Agreement Reached on New Recertification Elections: ESP/Noon Hour Supervisors and Substitute Teachers Bargaining Units to Revote

We are very pleased to report that the KEA and Kenosha Unified administration were able to reach a mutual agreement on holding new certification elections for the KEA’s Education Support Professionals/Noon Hour Supervisors Bargaining Unit and the Substitute Teachers Bargaining Unit.

The two units in question had an insufficient number of voters cast ballots in last-November’s election to reach the 51% threshold required under the rules that came into effect with Act 10.  The KEA believed that this was the result of the eligible voters in these units being largely unaware that the election was taking place, and circumstances that made communicating this information difficult.

This time, voters in these two units will receive a Notice of Election via email from the District.  It will specify the dates of the election and voting options.

So, please check in regularly with your District email account for this notification from the District.   Once you see it, make your colleagues aware that the election is taking place and encourage them to vote.

 Remember: Certification requires that 51% of all eligible voters in each bargaining unit vote “Yes,” and a non-vote counts as a “No.”

 We will be getting out more information on the significance of these elections in the near future.