Spring is in the Air – As is Politics! Don’t forget your Kenosha Kids Great Schools Fund

By Scott Farnsworth, Interim Executive Director 

The KEA established the Kenosha Kids Great Schools Fund some 15 years ago under the leadership of Matt Kranich for individuals who wanted to have a personal account from which they could make political donations that was part of a cohesive conduit that would acknowledge the monies were coming from unionized educators.  Given timelines, increased reporting requirements and increased workload, we have had a hard time making timely requests for contributions from this conduit so that we might facilitate a coordinated contribution.  Additionally, the KEA has always limited itself to local and state elections for this fund, never national campaigns.

Obviously, 2016 is an election year with a number of very important national primaries and elections taking place.  Please don’t wait to hear from us to utilize your KKGSF monies to contribute to candidates whom you support.

NEA made an early endorsement of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

WEAC has endorsed JoAnne Kloppenburg for the seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Russ Feingold has likewise been endorsed by WEAC for the U.S. Senate.

These candidates are as worthy of your support as their opponents are not.

You should save some funds for local candidates, endorsements for whom we will be announcing next week.

To access your KKGSF account individually, you just need to send a written request to the KEA with the amount you would like to withdraw.  You can do this via email to either farnsworths@weac.org or koeppenk@weac.org.

Then, make an effort to carve out some time over the Spring Break to volunteer for the candidates running locally – the timing couldn’t be better, it being the week immediately prior to the April 5th general election.

Be active – be involved – no one knows better than we the critical impact political decisions can have on the well-being of our community as a whole, and each individual.