Rally at the ESC Next Tuesday!

We are calling on all members and friends of labor to join us in a picket to support those School Board members who do not want to play politics, but do the right thing for the employees of KUSD.  The picket will be held ahead of the District’s monthly committee meetings:

Tuesday, November 10th

4:45 – 5:30 p.m.

ESC, 3600 – 52nd Street

Contrary to statements quoted in the Kenosha News by School Board President Tamarra Coleman about the reason for delaying the vote on employee bonus payments until December, School Board member Mike Falkofske made this post on Facebook Wednesday night:

“Recently, there was some misleading information from district administrators and board members regarding employee bonuses.  Normally, I would respect the secrecy of a closed session.  However, as an elected official, I have a duty to represent the community fairly and make sure that constituents aren’t being purposely kept in the dark, or lied to, no matter the personal cost may be for revealing this information.

I was at an Executive session with four other members, two members were absent.  The Board President debriefed us on the outcomes of the recent Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations with the KEA.  The KEA had rejected the last offer of zero increase in salary.  The Board was getting ready to declare impasse and to add bonuses as part of the budget we were going to pass at the October Board meeting.  The Board attorney, who was on the phone, advised that declaring impasse might possibly help the union and that the bonuses should be discussed after the KEA [recertification] elections.  The Board President and two other board members agreed, which gave them a majority and the discussion about the bonuses was pushed to the November meeting and then to the December 1st special meeting.  The truth is that we know exactly how much of a bonus we can give our staff.  The amount of available money will not change and the only motivation for moving the discussion on bonuses is purely political.”

There are no public comments at the committee meetings, but everyone who comes to the picket can wear red and walk in to the meeting room to make their presence known.

We can either show up in support of those who wish to do the right thing – or allow those who want to act in their own self-interest make the decisions behind closed doors.

Let’s build on what we started last Tuesday –