Thanks to All!

KEA Survey and General Membership Meeting Well Received

This past Wednesday, the KEA’s online survey closed and a General Membership Meeting was held at the UAW Local 72 hall.  Both saw excellent levels of participation. 

We are still reading through the hundreds of responses to the survey and will be able to report out on the results at a later date.  What was most gratifying, however, was the number of members who took the time to use the comment section of the survey to share their thoughts and concerns.  We are truly very appreciative of the added insights provided.

A nearly full house was greeted by KEA President Anne Knapp at UAW Local 72 for the General Membership Meeting.  A brief review of the real progress seen in public education and working conditions in the schools over the decades of the KEA’s existence, and a summary of initial results from the survey, preceded comments by Interim Executive Director Steve Urso.  Emphasizing a desire “to have a conversation” with those in attendance, Dr. Urso addressed the fact that nothing about Act 10, nor the lack of a contract, could in any way negate the existence of the KEA; spoke to the importance of the certification election; and emphasized the significance of the fact that education professionals continue to have the respect and trust of the communities they serve.

The meeting concluded with a question and answer period, during which some outstanding confusion about the certification election was clarified with the clear message of, “Win or lose, the KEA isn’t going away!”